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Why I'm Going To National Demo 2012

By Richard Kemp - Experience Officer (Cambridgeshire)

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Why I’m going to National Demo 2012


I will be attending national demo on the 21st as I believe that it is vital for students to be heard and to be able to express the fact that we are not happy with the state of our education in this country at the moment. The government needs to know that without investing in the youth of today they are jeopardising the future of our country.


This year demo is being pro-active by expressing student views so that we are in the heads of politicians for the next general election. Instead of reacting to something that has happened national demo 2012 is acting to put student views and opinions across early enough so that we are listened to.


I hope this year you can come to London with us and show that students have a voice and that we need to be listened to!


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