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'Where did my loan go?'

Is your student loan running low? Read this article for tips on how to make your loan go a bit further.

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When your bank account balance has got you like...







And maybe a little…



Don’t fret! We’re here to show you that it’s not all bad. You can make your loan stretch until the next pay date with these NUS discount tips.



We all know that food is life.



Literally. Without food your brain won’t be working to the standard you need it to at university, and you’ll make yourself ill. But you can get 10% off at Co-Operative with a valid NUS card, to help you get some bargains on your weekly shop.

You can also get discounts at certain restaurants, too, if you wanted to go out for dinner. Prezzo are offering students with a valid NUS card 25% off, and Pizza Express will give you 40% off when you show them your NUS card.

If you’d prefer to get a takeaway, don’t forget that Domino’s offer 25% off orders over £25 with a valid NUS card.



There reaches a point when even the thriftiest student has to buy a new piece of clothing. Whether your coat has fallen apart, or you need some new jeans, don’t panic. Loads of fashion retailers offer a student discount when presented with a valid NUS card. And this is good news for those who like to keep up with fashion trends.




You can get 10% off with Boohoo, ASOS, and New Look, perfect to get that replacement coat, or a fashionable new outfit. They’re even great places if you need to get an outfit for work. Accessorize offers 10% off, and is great to find that stand out accessory for your outfit. If you’re looking for a new bag to take into uni, MyBag is your place offering 10% off. Soletrader offers students with NUS cards 10%, which is great if you need to replace your work shoes, or get some boots for the colder months.. You can also get 20% off Blue Inc and Missguided.



If you’re running low on concealer, or you need to get some medical supplies because that Freshers’ Flu of yours just won’t clear, then you’ll be pleased to know you can even use your NUS card to get discount on those.




Superdrug offers a 10% discount on beauty products, and also medical supplies, so there’s no need to feel like you have to wear sunglasses to cover your dark circles.


Health and fitness

It’s important to stay healthy at uni, but due to the price it can seem impossible. But you can even use your NUS card to get discounts on health and fitness stores!



If you desperately need a new pair of glasses, then you can get 20% off at Vision Express with a valid NUS card. If nutrition and health foods are your thing, then you can grab 15% off at Go Nutrition with an NUS card.


Uni essentials

Did you know you can even get discounts with your NUS card on uni supplies?




You can get 10% off with a valid NUS card at UniBulkBuy, where you can buy things like toilet roll and washing up liquid in bulk for less. You can also get 15% off artist’s materials at WHSmith, perfect for you art students.

You can buy your NUS card here.


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