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Why sign up for Skills Summit?

Are you a Rep, Volunteer or Society Committee member? Here's why you should sign up for Skills Summit.

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I’m Michael, a third year Business Management student and I’m writing to tell you about Skills Summit! I was a Course Rep in my first two years of studying, and now moved on to the LAIBS Faculty Rep (Cambridge) for my final year.


With Skills Summit coming up, I’ve come up with three reasons why it’s a fantastic day to be part of.



You may already know that you can log your hours as a Rep, Committee Member or volunteer through the volunteering service at the Students’ Union. Attending Skills Summit is no different! Work towards your Bronze, Silver or Gold award by logging these hours which will look great on your CV.



Some of you may be new to being to your role, or even public speaking. Skills Summit is a day jam-packed full of training sessions! Whether you want to improve conflict management skills, or find out what it takes to be the next officer, you’ll definitely find something that you can take away to be the best in your role.


Share experiences

This point is a very important one! At Skills Summit, you’ll meet Reps, volunteers and committee members from all years, all faculties and all campuses! This is a great opportunity to network with one another. It’s a great opportunity to meet others, share experiences and gain knowledge of your role. You’ll be able to find out what does and doesn’t work and can also tell others about what has worked well for you personally.


You’ll get so much out of Skills Summit so please sign up, and remember, the Students’ Union is always here to support you!



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