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What happens next…Brexit Policy?

Your Vice President of Business & Law shares her thoughts on Brexit.

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Your Vice President of Business & Law, Mary Copsey, shares what Brexit is all about, and how she responds to it. 


What happens next?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room… that is Brexit.

The EU and the UK have agreed to delay Brexit until the 31st October 2019. The ultimate question is… will this change again? Is this set in stone… the answer is NO, if the UK can leave the EU earlier if they can agree on a withdrawal agreement. While we remain part of the EU we will take part in the European elections on 23rd May.[1]


Is a no deal still on the table?

Yes, No-deal Brexit is still the default outcome if MPs can't agree anything else and there are no further extensions. This also includes if UK does not take part in the European elections on 23 May then a no-deal Brexit would happen on 1 June. [2]


What happens with the Brexit: Impact on Education Policy?

The Brexit: Impact on Education Policy passed on the 8th April by a student majority voting up on the policy. What does that mean? Although, Brexit has potentially been delayed that does not mean the policy gets delayed too. The policy has become active for 1 year and the policy proposer Mary Copsey, will now review the union resolves and start taking action!


Union Resolves:

1. We will lobby the university to provide welfare support for all students who are impacted by Brexit. 

2. We will lobby the university to ensure any decisions made in response to Brexit which directly or indirectly impact students will be communicated to them clearly and in a timely manner.

3. We will lobby the university to provide additional legal support for students whose immigration status is affected by Brexit. 

4. We will undertake student voter registration drives.

5. We stand up against bullying as a result of Brexit and will work in partnership with the university to ensure that all students feel safe, protected and welcomed to the ARU community. 


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