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We Can't Afford To Cut The Costs

Why you should join us for the National Demo for Free Education and Living Grants for All - #grantsnotdebt

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I think I should start this post off by saying I wasn’t a student with a maintenance grant. Student Finance didn’t think I needed that extra help, but that’s another post for a different day. What is important here, is that maintenance grants exist. Students can go to university that wouldn’t have been able to previously and from there go onto the amazing things their degree will allow them to do. It’s a wonderful thing.

Or, it was a wonderful thing. Our government are cutting out maintenance grants, despite roughly 500,000 students relying on it. They haven’t been listening to our voices, so now is the time to make them – we’re going to be marching with thousands of people on November 4th in London to say no to the scrapping of maintenance grants and the rises in tuition fees – this isn’t good enough, and we don’t have to stand for it.

I’ve wrote it in our event descriptions, and I’ll say it again: How dare the government make us feel like we don’t deserve Higher Education, how dare they discriminate against the students that need their help the most, how dare they think we will stand for this. We’re saying no to rises tuition fees, to scrapping maintenance grants, to turning people into demographics. We are not a demographic: we are a movement.

Do you rely on maintenance grants, or do you just care about what happens to them? Is there something else about student life that you think needs saying? Write for the SU Website! Email me at and you could get a blog post (or slot!) on our website!


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