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Top Tips to help beat homesickness

Missing home or struggling to settle in? Here are some top tips on how to beat the blues.

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Many of you will have never lived away from home before the move to university, but remember, it isn’t as daunting as first thought. Enjoy the entire experience and try new things that you wouldn’t otherwise participate in. The university journey is exactly that, your journey - make it your own.


Settling in can take time and a bit of trial and error to find something that suits your personality. You are an individual amongst others that have done and are doing the same as you are - moving to a new location. Follow our top tips and read articles from the ARU Students’ Union where we know your situation and can understand your concerns.


Get outdoors 




There are so many beautiful sites across all ARU cities that you can visit. For example there is the River Cam, where water sports take place on a weekly basis. And if you’re based in Chelmsford, you can take a calming stroll along the river Chelmer and enjoy the big green spaces on campus. Peterborough students might want to take a scenic stroll along the River Nene.  London students can wander around the city streets, and with tube stops nearby, you can hop on a train and explore the city of London.


Find a green space




There are many parks and green spaces in Cambridge. There is Parkers Piece, which is great for exercise, strolls and meeting new people. Peterborough students can visit the Ferry Meadows Country Park for some beautiful scenery, and the perfect picnic spot. Chelmsford student can check out Central Park or Bell Meadow Park for a beautiful place to chill out with your friends. For London students, the famous Hyde Park is roughly a half an hour tube ride away.


Attend social events




Freshers is the busiest time of year at ARU. We have so many events lined up for you to enjoy and meet new friends. It’s important that you make the plunge to go to these events. Even if you’re feeling a bit nervous, so is everyone else! Freshers Week is a time you can make new friends and have fun, so make the most of it!


Keep moving




Exercise is key to relaxing your physiological mind, it releases endorphins that calm your body and mind, which in turn soothes your soul. Get down to your on campus or local gym and feel the burn! Even if you work out in your room to a YouTube fitness video, you will feel the benefits.


Get involved



You are here to finish your degree and make the most of the opportunities available to you. If you see something that sparks your fancy, don’t ignore it! Go and get involved with what interests you, whether it’s volunteering, an event, or being part of a society. You’re only here for a few years, so make sure they are the best few years of your life!


Maintain relationships from back home




Video calling is your best friend when it comes to keeping in touch with people from back home. When you speak with family or friends from back home you could arrange dates to meet with them. If you are planning a trip home, you could make the most of it by visiting the local areas that you may have taken for granted when living there. You could arrange for family and friends to visit you in your university city and explore your favourite places together.


Advice Service




You are always welcome to consult ARU Students’ Union Advice Service for anything that’s troubling you. Advisers are more than happy to discuss and provide guidance through issues you may face through your university experience.



Go and explore the wonders of Anglia Ruskin University and your new city. Good luck!



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