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Tips for commuting during the winter months

Are you a regular commuter, dreading commuting during the winter? Then read this article for some tips to make it bearable!

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Nobody enjoys commuting at the best of times. But it’s even worse during the winter. It’s cold, it gets dark early, and there is the danger of ice as well. Here’s how you can cope with commuting throughout the winter.


Bring lots and lots of layers!




It can get really chilly during the winter, especially early mornings and nights. So make sure you’re wrapping up well, wearing jumpers, coats, hats, scarves, and gloves, to keep you extra warm. If you wear layers that can be removed, then if it gets hotter you can take some off – but at least you’ll have them if it’s freezing!


Be wary of ice




Ice can be extremely dangerous, so definitely be on your toes. If you’re driving, you’ll want to make sure you allow extra time in the morning to defrost your car, and leave a bit earlier so you can take your time and drive safely. You’ll also want to make sure you’re wearing sensible footwear if it gets icy – you don’t want to be that person that slips on the ice!


Take a flask




Cold weather means hot drinks. Whether you bring coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, you should probably bring something hot to keep you warm while you’re travelling. It’ll help you feel cosy, not making you feel so sad about having to leave the house when it’s so cold!


See commuting as an opportunity…




To see Christmas lights! Anyone who loves Christmas loves to look at the Christmas lights people put up on their houses. We all have that local house that goes absolutely crazy when it comes to Christmas decorations. Instead of seeing commuting as a hassle, view it as an opportunity to look at your local Christmas lights on the way home.


Festive music!




It’s coming up for Christmas. So why not play the Christmas bangers on your way to and from uni? You can belt carols from your car, or listen to Christmas songs through headphones on public transport. Festive music can put you in a cheerful state of mind, and makes commuting feel much easier.


We’d love to know how you make commuting easier during the winter months!  


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