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The five best things about Global Week

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Global Week, running from the 18th to the 22nd March, is a week where we celebrate our community. The student population at ARU is so varied – we have students from all over the world! This is a time for international students to celebrate their diversity, and for us all to learn a bit more about each other and our cultures! So here are the five best things about Global Week.


1. You can host a stall to represent your country or nation.




You can get involved with Global Week by running your own stall which represents your country. You could have flags, some national food, or anything which you love about your country. You could make it fun and educational, and show how proud of your community you are.


2. You can share your interests and passions.




No doubt there are things from your own culture that you are passionate about that you want to share with your friends of other cultures. This is when you can do that! Show them your music, your food, your dress, whatever it is you love – and ask them to do the same. This is the perfect way to share your passions while learning about others. Celebrate by asking people to be a part of your culture.


3. There are so many fun events (and food!)




There’s going to be so much going on this week to celebrate your diversity. From Scottish dancing lessons, to international yoga classes, to fashion shows, talent shows, free henna tattooing, and workshops, there’s loads going on this week. The international students that decide to host their own stalls also normally have some amazing food out too! Show how proud you are of your community for being so diverse by coming along and taking part.


4. You can fundraise for a global charity.




If you have a charity close to your heart, or a charity that supports the country where you come from, you might want to get involved in some fundraising for those charities. This is also a great chance to raise awareness of an issue you believe is important.


5. It is a time to celebrate diversity.




At ARU we have students from all over the world which make up the student body. The diversity is something we should celebrate, and that is what Global Week is all about. It is a time to be inclusive of every student and staff member at ARU, as well as in the wider community. We are proud of our community!


Happy Global Week!



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