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The Rent Campaign

Laura Douds speaks about why the elected officers are running the Rent Campaign and shares her housing story. Find out more.

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One of the biggest issues I’ve been hearing from students is about their housing. Whether it’s that you live at home and face a massive commute and public transport delays, or that you live in halls and you can’t afford it on your student loan, or that you have housemates you can’t stand, everyone has some kind of story to tell about their housing while they’ve been at uni.


For me, the biggest issue I ever had was issues with my flatmates; from the woman who played music really loudly at 4am despite knowing I had 9am lectures and patient visits, to the boy who I never saw except for the one time his weed dealer came to the house, I’ve had a fair few issues. I’ve been far luckier than most people in terms of finances – my parents very very kindly paid my rent for me, but if they hadn’t, my loan wouldn’t have come close to covering the cost – it would just about have covered half of it.


So many of us have faced these situations, or something else equally bad, but without knowing all of your stories we can't make change happen! So here’s what you need to do, regardless of if your housing has been heaven or hell we need to know, share your story at:



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