The Climb of a Lifetime - Volunteering to Give Back

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James drumming up Support

The climb of a lifetime

A nursing student from Chelmsford who overcame horrific head injuries, is now preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a children’s charity.

At age 17 James Morrison was so severely hurt he had to learn how to walk, talk and eat again and needed constant support.

But James defied the odds, and at 23 returned to college to retake GCSEs, then successfully completed a BTEC course and is now at university undertaking a degree in nursing.

Climbing for kids

Conquering such life changing trauma had a profound effect on James. He’s passionate about helping those in need and currently volunteers with adults who have learning disabilities and challenging behaviours.

He also strongly believes that “every child has the right to learn, live and play” and in August this year, will take on the six-day Macheme Route hike to the 'Roof of Africa’ for Childreach International.

“Children have it really hard out there, so I am doing this climb to help make their lives better now and in the future,” says James. “It will get tough, but knowing I’ll be helping to make a difference will inspire me to keep going.”

As well as running a marathon to prepare for the climb, James has also raised funds from various activities, such as guessing how many sweets are in a jar, to challenging people to climb as many steps as they can in a minute.

Helping children reach their full potential

Established in 2004, Childreach International is a movement of children's charities working in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the UK.

James is looking forward to visiting some of the projects the charity has put in place while in Africa and says the organisation has a special meaning for him as they educate children to know their rights.

Name, role from the charity praised James’s resilience.

“Quote from Childreach International here”

Making a bigger difference

“I know it’s hard out there at the moment, but every single penny can make a massive difference. I picked MyDonate once I realised no commission fees would be taken. This means a lot to me, as just £3 pays for the safe delivery of baby in India.

Thanks to everyone who has already donated, you’re helping to make children’s lives become so much better.”

You can help James reach the ‘Roof of Africa’ with MyDonate

Find out more about Childreach International


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