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The Adventures of Sophie-May - Wrecked it All

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Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw the book at me
By now I should have somehow realised
How much work it takes to get a C
I don't believe that anybody
Has done less work than I have


Last week the word was on the street
Nine jaegers for the price of eight
I'm sure they've heard it all before
But I'll still try to mitigate
I don't believe that anybody
Has done less work than I have

And all the tests we have take are crazy
And my memories of class are hazy
There are many things I have to include and quote but I don't know how

And maybe
My tutor's going to fail me
And after all
I have wrecked it all


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This year's adventures are written by 2nd year Writing and English student Sophie May and are illustrated by 3rd year Fine Art student Ellie Breeze.


Pip Piperdy
12:23pm on 29 Oct 13 This is awesome!
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