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Five reasons to use the Dome at Chelmsford

You might have noticed the awesome giant Dome on our Chelmsford campus - but do you know what you can use it for?

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The Dome is now open on campus! So most people will have noticed we now have a giant Dome on the Chelmsford campus, 'But, what's it for and how can we use it?' we hear you cry; here are our top five reasons to make use of the Dome.


1. It's really cool! 



How many Students' Unions can claim to have a giant Dome on campus? The Dome is a completely unique space for students to use  - come and chill out on the sofas or find a spot to study, this amazing social space is all yours. Make it your own and make the most of it.


2. The coffee cart



We (ARU Students' Union) have a brand new coffee cart outside the Dome, serving (we think) the best and tastiest hot drinks on campus - for these chilly February days you might want to try our hot chocolate with marshmallows! Our hot drinks are made with locally supplied coffee and tea, and if you bring your reusable cup we'll give you 20p off any standard drink - what's not to love?



3. It's a great study space


Escape from the busy spaces and buildings on campus and use the Dome as a different and a relaxing space to study - and remember there's a great supply of tasty tea and coffee on-hand.



4. It makes a fab place for society meet-ups and activities



If you're a Society Committee Member, why not use the Dome as a society meet-up space? The unique atmousphere and large open space will make for a great meet up and a fun place for activities.


5. Come and relax in your new social space!



It's important to find time to chill and give yourself space to relax inbetween lectures. Even if it's just for ten minutes, come and get cosy on one of the sofas, eat your lunch, have a snack or enjoy coffee with a friend. 


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