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Ten reasons to nominate someone for the SU Awards

SU Awards nominations open, here’s ten reasons why you should nominate someone!

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It’s time to start nominating your fellow students for the hard work they put in to our community! But why should you bother to nominate someone? Here are ten reasons why nominating someone is worthwhile.


1.       There are no SU Awards without your nominations!




The SU Awards runs mostly on student nominations, so without you guys nominating, there will be no awards! You have the power to decide who has put in extra work this year and deserves to win an award. It could be an individual person, or a group of people, that really stand out to you.


2.       It’s a way to show how much you appreciate them




Perhaps it’s your Course, Faculty, or Postgraduate Research Rep, or an amazing society, which has completely changed your university experience for the better. Whoever it is that has made a difference, show them how much you appreciate them by nominating them for an SU award!


3.       There are many different awards




There are so many awards you can nominate someone for. With four different awards for Societies Awards, three different awards in the Volunteering Awards category, three different awards for Democracy and Representation Awards, and four different awards for the Students’ Union Awards, there are loads of options when it comes to nominating someone. This means that you can nominate any student that has made a positive impact!


4.       It’s a way to recognise student success




By recognising the time and effort our students have put in, whether it’s to their Rep roles, a society role, or a volunteering project in the community, your nomination will show them what a difference they are making, and will motivate them to carry on.


5.       It’s a way to celebrate volunteering




Volunteering your time is an amazing thing to do, and a great way to make a difference. By nominating someone for their volunteering or fundraising capabilities, you will be able to give something back to someone who constantly gives.


6.       You can show a society what an influence they have had




If a society you have joined or have heard of has made a difference to your university experience then you should consider nominating them for a Society Award. There might be a particular individual in your society who goes above and beyond. If so, make sure you nominate them!


7.       It’s a way to recognise a fantastic volunteering opportunity




Is there a student led volunteering project which has attracted a large number of students, and has also succeeded in making a difference to the chosen cause? Then you should nominate them for the ‘Volunteering Project of the Year’ award, to recognise the impact the students are having.


8.       You can show your support




By nominating a student, or a group of students, you can show that you support them in what they do, which can give them the motivation to take it further, and the confidence to know they are making a positive difference to their community.


9.       Your nomination will motivate future students to be the best they can be




It’s only because of your nominations that these awards can take place. Student volunteers will be motivated to do their best, aiming for an SU Award. The support from students is also a motivating factor, knowing that they will be making a difference to people who care and who matter.


10.   It’s a great feeling when someone you’ve nominated wins!




If you nominate someone, it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. But it feels even better if that person wins, especially if it’s someone you know like your Course Rep, a fellow society member, or someone you volunteer with. You can celebrate their successes with them! And even if they don’t win, they will really appreciate your nomination, knowing that they have made a significant impact to your time at university.


So who will you nominate for the SU Awards?



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