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The truth about campaigning and running in the Election

Your Vice President of Science and Engineering, Siobhan Fouche, shares what it's really like to run in the Election.

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Your previous Vice President of Science & Engineering, Siobhan Fouche, shares what the Elections are really about, and her top tips.


Change doesn’t happen overnight, it comes in waves rolling against a sandy shore, taking fragments of sand and leaving shells from faraway places – you might not notice it until you look between your toes.


Running in the elections can be a really overwhelming experience, especially if like me you stayed in the background during your time at Anglia Ruskin University simply observing everything around you. Suddenly there is a spotlight above your head and you’ve been thrust into a community you might have not realised existed…it can be scary!


From quiet wallflower to community garden rose bush

However, there is so much support and friendliness during this time that you never feel truly alone or without help. There is no right way to campaign – everyone has their own style, priorities and manifesto. Keeping true to who you are is the most important thing during this time because the student community is voting for YOU and what YOU stand for. I used memes to capture attention and promote the changes I wanted to make, others used sweet treats on stalls and crazy outfits to garner interest. It really is up to you.


It can seem daunting, putting your face out there for everyone to recognise, opening yourself up to opinions and conversations that might have never crossed your path before. But it is a job like no other, an experience you cannot replicate and a chance to use your student voice to go forward to impact others positively, to be the change you wish to see at Anglia Ruskin University.


My top tips:

  • Have a manifesto reflecting important issues you want to tackle and how you think you can get there.
  • Be creative in your campaigning! Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd!
  • Give yourself a pep talk at least once a day.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – in fact make it a personal goal to rope in some helpers.
  • Go to results night because it is a good way to reward yourself for trying no matter how you do at the end of it all.


Most importantly – have fun!


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