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Summer Ball Officer Statement

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This year’s Summer Ball 2015 acted upon the voices of students for the first time as we used student feedback to directly decide the date and whether or not to hold it as a cross campus event. We hope you all had an amazing night but as with any event there are always some hitches. Please see the following statement from your elected officers:

It has been brought to the attention of the Students’ Union that unfortunately some of the behaviour of the bus drivers during our event Summer Ball 2015 was not acceptable. We can only sincerely apologise if you were on any of the coaches that experienced delays or disagreeable attitudes from drivers. This is something the SU will be taking very seriously and not allowing to happen again at any of our events.

We were also saddened to discover that the food truck we had at the event did not provide any vegetarian options. We planned to have food options for all diets available on the site and we were assured that the company would do so. It was not acceptable that they came to our event without these options and we will be feeding this back to them. We apologise deeply that you were let down by the company providing us with food. This, as above, will not happen again at future SU events.

It has come to light that a few students were unhappy at the bar having to close at midnight. As I’m sure many of you are aware the SU had strict guidelines to follow provided by environmental health and the local licensing authority.

To make the night as big and good as possible to bring together all three of our campuses we had to abide by these. We hope you all had a great night despite this and enjoyed the dodgems, popcorn and candyfloss, photo booths, three stages with a total of 16 different live acts and DJs and the cheap drinks we always like to provide. Your ticket price went directly into the costs involved with providing these for you, our members.

We as officers want to thank all of the Students’ Union staff who worked tirelessly to put together this event- the first of its kind at our SU! Without the hours and hours put in by so many people there would have been no ball at all and it was great to see so many students enjoying an end of year celebration to remember!

Lastly, we’d like to extend our greatest thanks to all the students who made this night possible. These students put in huge amounts of hard work and dedication from both Cambridge and Chelmsford student staff teams and the Audio Music Technology Society. Some of it you will have seen on the night, lots of it was behind the scenes in the days before and after. Thank you, you’re all real stars! 

See the Summer Ball 2015 video here!


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