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2018-19 Campaigns: Society Skills (Matt Hayes)

Your VP Matt Hayes wants to develop Society Skills!

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Society committee training is amazing but cannot cover the plethora of things societies want to do. There are experts across the Students' Union who we want to put societies into contact with to develop their society even more - some of them are students, who can share a wealth of skills, and osme of them are staff, able to push your society to do just that little bit more.

The purpose of the Society Skills campaign is to equip committees with some really useful skills that will help them to run more independently and become more professional which will attract more students. In the process, I hope that these workshops will also bring some societies closer together to collaborate more frequently.


  • To create a COMMUNITY of societies where people utilise each other’s strengths as well as gain new skills to help their own societies and others.
  • Committees will feel more confident in running their society
  • Societies will not rely as much on grants as a source of income because they are equipped with the tools to create other income e.g. running events, bake sales.



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