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Society Committee Elections

Nominations are officially open - find out how you can stand to be a Committee Member of a society or club for 2019 - 2020

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1. Be a member of the society you want to run for!

You must be a member of the society to run. If you are not a current member, you can purchase your membership online, on the app or at the SU reception. You don't need to have been a member before now - you can still put yourself forward.


2. Go to your society SU Webpage.

Find your society here, and make sure you are logged in.


3. Select ‘stand in your election’ and choose the position you would like to nominate yourself for.

There are lots of different roles available, take a moment to look at all the options, if you’re not sure, try contacting the society -  they may help you find out which role is right for you.


4. Write a good nomination.

Upload a photo, and write a brief explanation of why you would bring to this role (this is known as a manifesto). Be clear, and let your passion for the society shine!


5. Keep an eye on deadlines!

Nominations open on the 8th of April 2019 and close on Friday the 26th of April 2019. Voting then opens on the 29th of April, until the 3rd of May 2019 at 2pm. Use your time wisely, talk to your fellow society members, ask them to vote, and make sure you vote too!


6. Tell people you’re running.

Go into your society sessions, share something on your society’s social media pages, only your fellow society members can vote, so tell them to vote for you.


7. So how do I vote?

Go to your society SU webpage, via find a society. You can now select to ‘Vote in this election’. There will be a box next to each person running (candidate). For your first choice (the person you think will be best at this role) put a number one next to their name. Then put a number two next to your second choice, and three for your third.


8. Press submit, but remember you can only vote once, so vote wisely.

May sound daft, but it happens, make sure your voice is heard by pressing that all important button! You can only vote once, so look at all the candidates before you vote, as you can’t change your vote once it is submitted.


9. Who is R.O.N anyway?

You will always have the option to vote R.O.N, this means Re-Open Nominations. You can select R.O.N if you don’t want to vote for any of the people put forward, maybe you think you could do a better job? Or maybe you think none of the candidates are suitable. However, if R.O.N wins, we will hold another election, so vote R.O.N wisely.


10. Await the results

Your coordinators work super hard during committee elections, to support you and count up those all-important votes. There are lots of societies so please give us some time, and watch your emails for details on your fantastic new committee!


Email if you have any questions about this process!


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