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Officer Team Update

Safety net policy, Rent rebates & Tuition fees. Your Officer's have been representing your voice on these matters, check out the SU stances we're taking and how you can get involved.

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Dear Students,

We hope you have all been keeping safe and well. We are excited to welcome you back for the new trimester. We understand that there have been several topics coming up and wanted to identify with you our SU stances on these. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been receiving many communications around rent rebates and tuition fees. We have been following these issues and gathering your opinions and suggestions. Thank you to everyone who has sent us a message so far – we cannot do this job without you. We believe there needs to be a safety net for students through this lockdown and beyond. 

Student Safety Net 

We agree that this academic year has had many challenges with regards to the grades and teaching standards that you have experienced. We strongly believe that there is a need for a safety net policy for the students at ARU. 

This week we have attended various meetings and student consultations. We reviewed the proposal and gathered suggestions to move plans forwards. The meetings included the COVID response group, education matters, SU exec committee and SSSG. Please continue to send us your comments and opinions

Today, ARU have sent out an email regarding their progress supporting students. In each of the above meetings that we attended we have been raising that extensions and additional considerations for exceptional circumstances are not the only solutions to the challenges that students are currently facing.

We have now set up a meeting with the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Tuesday 2nd February to discuss this in further detail.

We believe:

  • Students need clarity on this subject, the communications going out to students need to be concise & to the point instead of vaguely saying “We’re working on this”, including future discussions for the March deadline.
  • ARU to become a supporter for the NUS #studentsdeservebetter campaign
  • Further investment in Mental Health & Wellbeing- Counselling & Wellbeing, peer mentors, Students’ Union (advice, activities, volunteering and representation) 
  • Ensuring any lost practical time is booked in later in the year to make sure students can develop those skills.
  • Feedback mid-trimester (earlier & more detailed) for students, this will also help predicting grades for the end of the year. 
  • Reduced response time from 5 working days to 3 working days and include an automatic response with staff working hours/ availability.
  • Adding a further Revision week with sessions booked in with staff. 
  • Uncapped assignments for students

How you can get involved?

Firstly, thank you to everyone has been sending in quotes and comments, in preparation of our meeting with Aletta we would still encourage you to keep us updated.

Attend our student consultation next week to speak with us on this matter. We want to know your thoughts, the challenges you face and the proposals you think the university need to include in the Safety net policy.

We will continue to update here with our progress.

Rent Rebates 

The University has announced that if you are unable to use your university accommodation between 4th Jan – 19th Feb 2021, you must email the Accommodation Team. You must request a rebate for that time. We campaign to get relief for students living in private halls, who are unable to return to their accommodations during lockdown. If you live in private halls and would like to be a part of this campaign, let us know here. 

Tuition Fee Refunds 

We have met with the Vice Chancellor to represent your voice on the tuition fee refunds. Following that meeting we are now jointly working with the National Union of Students (NUS) and other students’ unions to campaign nationally for the #studentsdeservebetter campaign. 

As always,  

Your SU Officer Team


Hussein Mohamed
10:41am on 30 Jan 21 Can you also emphasize the need for the no detriment policy to be applied for trimester 1 due to the national lockdown, that has caused a lot of students not to benefit from the taught lessons.
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