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Preparing for Uni: The Essential Knowledge

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There’s a lot to get organised when you’re getting ready for uni, from finding somewhere to live and plotting your Freshers’ outfits, to packing up your stuff and planning your budget for the next year. It can all be a bit intense and overwhelming as well as really exciting, but don’t worry, we’re here to help and make you prepared with our essential knowledge tips!


Freshers’ week is awesome, but full on!

Be prepared to meet new people every day, have the chance to take part in events and nights out every day of the week, get used to a new home and make student life unforgettable! Among all the Freshers’ fun, remember to eat properly, drink plenty of water and look after yourself even though you’re super busy.


Pack (kind-of) light

Obviously you need to pack those essentials and home comforts, but try not to weigh yourself down with masses of stuff, you’ll regret it if you have a long journey (especially if you’re taking public transport!) Our SU Heroes will be here to help you move in when you arrive but you don’t want to be stuck travelling with more stuff than you can carry.


Get involved

Having the chance to get involved with as many things as possible is one of the greatest opportunities offered by Freshers’. Want to join a society? Stand to be a rep? Start a campaign? We’re here to make it all happen. Come and join in with the ARU Students’ Union community and let’s do this together.


Download the Freshers’ app

Make the most of Freshers’ Fair and make it super easy to sign up to societies and buy tickets to our events by downloading the app! With a touch of the screen you’ll be able to become a member of any of more than a hundred societies, book tickets to the most talked about events, plus keep up with all the ARU Students’ Union news.


You’re here to study!

As much fun as settling into a new city, making loads of great new friends and enjoying everything Freshers’ has to offer is, sometimes you have to stop and remind yourself that you’re here to study.


Even though it’s sometimes tempting not to take the first year of your undergraduate degree seriously, it’s worth remembering that you’re likely spending a decent wad of cash to be here as well as needing to pass to get on the second year of your course. Missing the odd lecture happens to the best of us but do your best to avoid making a habit of it.


Don’t be too hard on yourself

That said, your first year is the perfect opportunity to have plenty of fun and let your hair down. Get your work done but don’t berate yourself if you don’t manage to complete all the reading every week!


Immersing yourself in a new environment and meeting lots of new people is wonderful BUT TIRING! Remember there’s nothing wrong with taking some time out for yourself. Feeling like you need some TLC? Shut the door, put on your favourite music or catch up on a couple of episodes of your favourite tv show.


A bit of budgeting never hurt anyone   

It sounds really boring, but having some kind of budget in place for your first semester is really helpful, especially when Freshers’ week is over and you find you’ve spent quite a lot of money on having awesome nights out!


Make sure you don’t stop yourself having a great Freshers’ week by worrying about money, so set aside a ‘Freshers’ budget’ as well as costing out all those essential monthly spends including food, transport and phone bills.


A great way to help save is to buy an NUS Extra card, which entitles you to great discounts from 10 percent off at the Co-op supermarket to 10 percent off at New Look, as well as deals on day trips and meals out.


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