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Open Mic Night

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As always, the first week of a trimester brings a lot of feelings and excitement, both for new students and old.


Whether it’s coming back from the holidays and wanting to engage more or getting involved with new people at a new university, Refreshers and welcome events bring lots of opportunity to engage and get active. On Wednesday the 22nd of January, the mid-point of Refreshers week, your Students’ Union arranged an Open Mic night in Cambridge, encouraging and supporting a growth in our social community, giving new students a chance to integrate, and old students a chance to grow.


Having never been to an Open Mic night myself, I grasped the opportunity to conquer my stage-fright and get up there, and I performed one of my own poems, and a Norwegian song that is very dear to me. Both the poem and the song are very close and personal to me, and to be met with such warmth and respect was an incredibly freeing and intimate experience. I am so glad I got to share it with my fellow students, and I am looking forward to more events like it in the future.


The night was filled with a lot of wonderful talent, ranging from rap numbers and group performances, to acoustic music and poem reads. While the concept of an Open Mic night can be daunting for some, the Students’ Union team worked hard to make everyone feel comfortable and respected, resulting in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment, and a night to be remembered!



If you couldn’t make it to this one, don’t worry, there’s loads of other opportunities! This evening at 7pm, Friday the 24th, there is a Societies Showcase going on in the Students’ Union, located in the Peter Taylor House, with loads of singing, dancing, cheerleading, spoken word and more.


 And if that still doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are still several events coming up, brought to you by the student-led societies who are always looking to create new, fun events for everyone!


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