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Omkar Singh VP, weekly update 9th to 13th Nov

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Lockdown series:

This week I recorded few episodes with our guest from ARU community. The lockdown series is focused on creating awareness on mental health and well-being by sharing tips and advices. We were joined by dy. Vice chancellor and dy. Deans of other faculties. Next week we will also be joined by MP of Cambridge and many other students’ too

Meeting Dean:

I met your faculty dean to discuss on major student issues and also analyse the campaign growth. We discussed on student focus group that will be soon formed to in-depth analyse on incubation center at ARU

Meeting Deputy vice chancellor:

In meeting with Aletta Norwal, I raised concerns over quick resolution of student queries and university’s plan for Christmas in supporting students.

Meeting Vice-chancellor:

In this meeting, I spoke to him on on-going issues in accommodation, supporting students’ during Christmas particularly the students’ who will be not going homes. I raised concerns over university supporting students’ during assignment times and also discussed on progress of Incubation centre.

Class to class:

I have been to 5 classrooms face to face to pitch on the campaign and also to note down the challenges faced by students’ during lockdown 2.

Meeting international office:

In the discussion with international office, we spoke on major issue which is currently seen among international students on BRPs. I conveyed the message about how terribly the students’ are impacted without their BRPs.

Student Success steering group:

One of the important meeting held this week, this meeting has got representation from all the faculties in the universities. I raised concerns over supporting students’ with less engagement percentage due to late arrivals or other genuine reasons.

Live session 1:

I arranged a LIVE session with Career centre to discuss directly with students’ on CV360 and other resources provided by the university.

If students’ need any support, please don’t hesitate to reach out here:


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