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Omkar Singh VP, weekly update 2nd - 6th Nov

I have been representing you, this week has seen some great changes in my campaign. click here to learn more

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Omkar Singh VP, Weekly update 2nd Nov to 6th November

Education committee meeting:

This meeting is focused to discuss and raise issues on students’ facing challenges related to education in any way. It is chaired by Deputy Vice chancellor Education and attended by all the faculties. In this meeting I brought up the concerns over supporting students in their upcoming assignments, releasing communication on new academic regulation and issues related to timetabling among the graduated students’.

I would encourage you all to reach out to me, if you need any support on the above issues

Incubation centre meeting:

This 2 hours meeting has representation from all the faculties in the university. New ideas, perspectives and discussion over USP came in. The discussion among the 15 attendees went on brainstorming on various aspects related to this project and concluded to have in- depth research among students to understand the need of the project. Sooner, focus groups will be created to get more in to practicality.

I would request students to show their support, it is the right time

Plagiarism awareness programme:

I held a meeting with director of studies of all the faculties to understand their perspective on plagiarism and the way, we all can collective support students in successful assignment completions. I’m heading forward with this campaign.

Class to class pitching:

On Tuesday, I went to 5 classrooms to pitch on incubation centre with an objective to create awareness on the campaign and seek opinions. I’m delighted to say that students’ were excited about this project and involvement.

Meeting with Deputy Dean:

I spoke to our Deputy Dean, Daniel Berger about changes that can take place with new lockdown announcement particularly in academics, I can assure to the students that there is no as such changes made yet. Any changes will be further announced by the faculty, if it comes up.

Lockdown series:

Keeping students’ mental health as priority, I have invited staff members of the university and SU to express their opinion on mental health and to give tips / advices to students. I’m glad that it is hugely welcomed by the university. We will be having our vice-chancellor, deputy vice-chancellor, our Dean and many more guests attending it. Keep eye out on social media

That’s it from my side, see you next week.


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