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Omkar Singh VP, Weekly update 23rd to 27th Nov

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Omkar Singh VP, Weekly update 23rd Nov – 27th Nov

Group Chat:

Students’ Union has organised group chat this week, where I have updated all the activities and manifesto points I have been doing. In this 2 hrs long Live session I have also updated Union policies on TEF OFF and Erasmus.

Lockdown series:

I have completed all the recordings of lock down series, 2nd Dec 2020 will be the last episode of this series. I’m glad people really loved it and I have received lot many feedbacks. Thank you

Catch-up with Deputy Dean:

Met Dan berger to discuss on various student concerns and on the incubation centre progress.

Chestnut Induction:

I was the part of chestnut Induction where I addressed new students’ joining us in MBA 2021.

Catch-up with external people on incubation centre:

As a part of Incubation centre research, I’m currently exploring other universities centres to understand the challenges they are facing and how to avoid them. I have a board meeting coming up on 15th Dec which will be very crucial.

Faculty Advisory meeting:

This was the meeting between the faculty and the Students’ Union, one of the faculty rep brought up the concerns over Timetabling arrangements for next trimester and I’m closely monitoring over the same.


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