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No to FE Fees!

Along with NUS, we are campaigning against the raising of fees for Further Education students.

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No to FE Fees!


The Government propose a rise in Further Education fees!

At the moment, if you’re aged 24+ and you want to take A levels, or a BTEC, or a level 3 apprenticeship, the Government pays 50 per cent of your course fee. From September 2013, anyone aged 24 and above who wants to study a level 3 qualification will have to pay full fees.

This cut in funding will be hugely damaging to further education, normally a place where adults can get a second chance if they’ve been failed the first time around.

  • How will adults re-train to find work in the current economic climate?
  • How will they access higher level apprenticeships?
  • And how will they afford Access to HE courses?

The government is introducing a system of student loans into further education, to cover the course fee at level 3. This means if you want to take a level 3 course and then go to university, you may have to take out two student loans. And if you want to take a level 3 apprenticeship, you’ll have to take out a loan to go to work.


We think this is particularly relevant to the students of Anglia Ruskin, many of whom simply wouldn't be here were it not for subsidised further education.

We will be taking part in a twitter 'twobby', lobbying our local MP's to say no to FE Fees and you can join in!
At noon on Friday 22 June, tweet your MP to say #No2FEFees, e.g. "@[yourMP] please say #No2FEFees #FElobby''

Follow us @AngliaRuskinSU for a reminder nearer the time.

You can find out more about the NUS campaign and how you can get involved here.



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