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My VP Journey so far

It's been a few months now and since it's the final work week of the year, check out how the campaigns that I set out to do when I was elected are going.

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My VP Journey so far!

Over the last few months, it has been an absolute honour to be your Science and Engineering Vice-President. I’ve seen many new campaigns and projects, made new friends and have been your voice both internally at the university and externally around the nation. The pandemic had thrown a wrench into many plans right the way back in the campaigns weeks but I knew I didn’t want that to restrict my goals to deliver the best for students.

I thought it might be nice to sum up the progress made so far, reflecting on my manifesto and the plans looking forward in the new year.

The ARU community campaign


I created a paper of recommendations for the faculty on recognising and rewarding our student leaders (community volunteer’s, committee members, reps, etc) for which the recommendations have now mostly been actioned in FSE, The paper has been passed up to be shared with all faculties at ARU. Societies news articles on our website can now be sent directly to the faculty newsletter teams to be incorporated into their editions. I’ve petitioned and been awarded funding for Holiday boxes to bring students together over the winter period.

Next Steps:

 I’ve begun reaching out into the wider community to get the most for students. Next trimester will be about making sure that bringing together the ARU community is high up on everyones lists even when I’m not in office.

The Accessibility Campaign


The Hidden disabilities scheme with Sunflower lanyards has now been accepted and adopted by ARU. New training and teaching materials are available for staff and students to learn and understand the scheme and it’s purpose.
An external company has now completed a wayfinding and signage audit.

Next steps:

Get dates in the calendar for the external accessibility Audit. Discuss with the university about the results of the wayfinding and signage report. Continue supporting students  with digital accessibility requirements.

The Communication Campaign


In FSE each school now has a townhall each trimester where students can speak directly with senior school staff. The SU has now hosted it’s first SU Townhall for staff to ensure staff: staff communication is open and that people understand what the SU does and how we support students, opening up many collaboration opportunities. I work on a 1:1 basis with Reps and course leaders to discuss and share communication techniques that work well for their cohorts.

Next steps:

Host a 2nd SU Townhall for staff. Review with the faculty how the SU Townhalls were received and the impact that they had on the relations with staff and students. Continue representing students and bringing student voice where it needs to be.

The Sustainability Campaign:


During trimester 1 I became the campaign lead for this project. I have now set up a student sustainability working group and have actioned the necessary policy points on the sustainability awareness policy. We supported students in hosting a hugely successful sustainable fashion week.

Next steps:

Confirming the current plans for my original sustainability heroes idea, exploring sustainable period products, Host Sustainability week which includes a Mock COP and ensure the SU and university commits and works towards delivering the sustainability strategy and associated policies.

Being Reactive:

Part of this role is being quick to resolve significant issues affecting students.

As an officer team we worked to set up installment plans for tuition payments back in the first couple of weeks. I have been actively working to represent students each week at faculty meetings and rep meetings. Recently the president and I have quickly responded to students facing difficulties with applying & receiving extensions.

Overall in this role over the last few months I have learnt a lot and I have done a lot. I am motivated by students and feel encouraged with each personal discussion I have with students.

Wishing you all a very wonderful holiday season!
I will see you in January!


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