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How you can manage exam/deadline stress in Cambridge

Stress can make it hard to motivate yourself to revise or work on your assignments. Here’s how you can help manage it.

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Exam season is here! And that means only one thing for students – you all feel a bit like this.




But that doesn’t have to be the case! We’re here to help you manage your stress, so that you can make sure you are able to put the hard work in, and get the marks that you so deserve.


Get out of the house




If you have loads of work to do, it’s easy to trap yourself inside to work on it - remember to get some fresh air. Take your revision outside to one of Cambridge’s many parks and enjoy the weather as you go over your notes


Come and study at the SU space




You are always welcome at ARU Students’ Union’s space at Peter Taylor House. Feel free to bring your laptop, your books, and your revision notes, and study in our comfy space. Bring your friends and have a group study session!


Get some exercise in




Stop by the Helmore gym on campus, or check out some of the classes run at Kelsey Kerridge, and get a workout in. It doesn’t have to be long – we know it’s hard to make time when you have so much going on! But even a ten minute workout will get your heart pumping, and those endorphins flowing.


Reward yourself with punting on the river!




When you and your friends have all finished your exams and assignments, why not reward yourselves by making the most of Cambridge’s beautiful scenery and go punting with a picnic?


Remember that you can only do your best. We are so proud of you, and we know you’re going to smash it!


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