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How to write a great Made a Difference nomination

If you’re unsure of how to write a good quality nomination, here are our tips to make it amazing!

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With the Made a Difference nominations open, it’s important to make sure that your nominations are of a good quality. We can only accept in-depth nominations, which really show us why you think the person you're nominating deserves an award. Here are some tips to ensure that you write a great nomination!


Be detailed!




Don’t just write a simple phrase or silly comment like ‘he’s a total lad’. Although this may seem funny or relevant, we can only accept detailed nominations. We want to know exactly why you’re nominating this person for an award. When you’re nominating, a thorough response will give your nominee the best chance of winning! Write something that your nominee would love to read, something that makes them feel as special as you believe them to be.



Submit a nomination for the right category




This may be an obvious point, but make sure you’re not nominating an amazing staff member from the Student Services for the ‘Inclusive Lecturer Award’, as it won’t make sense, and won’t be counted. It may also help you to develop your nomination, if you’re struggling for what to say. For example, for the ‘Outstanding Personal Tutor Award’, you will want to say what makes this member of staff an Outstanding Personal Tutor, giving you a focus.



Describe how they Made a Difference




Maybe it’s the way they teach, or the content they bring to lectures. Whatever it is that makes that special staff member stand out to you, describe it to us. This is a great way to ensure you’re making a good quality nomination, as you will describing to us exactly what it is they do to Make a Difference.



Tell us how they inspired and engaged you




If a staff member has Made a Difference, they are most likely inspiring, and make you enjoy your studies. That kind of staff member who makes a module you were dreading one of your favourites. Or perhaps they have inspired you to achieve things you never thought you could. Tell us exactly what your nominee has done to Make a Difference.



Include how they have gone above and beyond




Does that special staff member always provide amazing advice, guidance, or support, which has Made a Difference to you or your fellow students? Are they the kind of staff member that always has time for you, and responds to emails really quickly? Tell us about what they have done for you and your class mates, and the way they have gone beyond the call of duty!



Tell us how they helped you develop as a person




Perhaps you started university as a shy person, nervous about university and self-conscious about your grades and work. But a special staff member has Made a Difference to your confidence levels, helping you see the greatness in the work you create. They’ve helped you to improve your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. If you instantly think of a member of staff as you read this, tell us about how they’ve helped to change you for the better!



Describe what a great listener they are




If your nominee has repeatedly devoted time to you to listen to any problems or worries you might have, whether it’s related to your course, or something more personal, we want to hear about it. A great listener is someone you can trust, and now is the time to praise them for all the extra work they put in!



Tell us how they make ARU a better place!




If you believe your nominee makes ARU a better place because of the way they teach, their caring nature, or how inspired they are, then let us know! They’re the kind of staff member that makes turning up to lectures that bit easier, and who just bumping into them makes you smile. Tell us all about how they make ARU a better place in your nomination!



So make sure that in your nomination you:


  • Don’t put silly answers, or really short phrases, as they won’t be considered
  • Are detailed, and include exactly why you are nominating your chosen staff member
  • Are descriptive, letting us know what a great person they are!
  • Just say what you feel - if it comes from the heart, it will be perfect!




We can’t wait to receive your nominations! Get nominating now!


Manu Hathiramani
10:28am on 29 Nov 18 Tom Stacey - Tutor Project Management I would like to nominate my Project Management Tutor Tom Stacey for helping me to complete my work at ARU by requesting rhe student advisor to grant me extension after a tragic circumstances when my closest sister passed away Tom showed great compassion and understanding towards me during my breavement He spent time outside work for me to catch up work that I had missed out on I would like to recommend Tom both in respect of being my best mentor and showing understanding during the tragic period in my life I will be very happy to provide more details on request Regards Manu Hathiramani SID 1722932
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