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How to survive your hangover

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Ah, it's a Sunday morning. Does your head hurt? Don't worry, we're here to help!




Water, water, tea

If you drink plenty of water when you get in from a night out before you go to bed, you’ll honestly feel so much better in the morning. And then, when you wake up…drink more water. Keeping hydrated is one sure way to alleviate a sore head. Oh, and a good strong cup of the tea will help sort you right out.




A good fry up

A good greasy fry up really helps on most occasions; get your body fired up and re-energised with some good old fashioned comfort food. Mmmm, eggs and bacon. Boosting you blood sugar with carbohydrates can help clear-up headaches and reduce tiredness, and protein in the eggs will help mop up those nasty toxins.



Duvet and Netflix

If you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself, you probably don’t need telling that there’s nothing better than curling up with your duvet and watching some rubbish tv in bed. It’s ok, nobody’s going to judge if you accidently end up watching a whole season of Grace and Frankie.




DON’T do ‘hair of the dog’

‘Hair of the dog’ refers to carrying on drinking to help relieve the symptoms of your hangover. However, you’re only putting off the pain till later and just keeping the cycle going. Stick to water or 100% fruit juice.




Take Ibuprofen

If your head is pounding then it might be time to take some Ibuprofen, this non-sterodial, anti-inflammatory is a better choice than Paracetamol or Asprin which are more likely to irritate your stomach and are harder on your liver. Remember to never take more than the prescribed dose, no matter how much of a beast your hangover is.





You’re bound to wake up feeling better after a good nap, it will help reduce your hangover symptoms and psychologically rejuvenate you too. Alcohol also disrupts your normal sleep cycle, so remember you’ve also probably suffered a broken night’s sleep as well as a late night out.







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