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How to thrive in the summer as a post grad student

You’re still going to be here over the summer… Here’s how to thrive.

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All the undergraduate students are going to be packing their bags, and heading home for the summer. But we haven’t forgotten that you guys are still going to be here, finishing your major projects, or working on your thesis for your PhD. How will you cope? Easily, here’s how.


Remember we’re still here!

If you need any help with anything over the summer, we’re still here for all your needs. The Advice team, volunteering team, society team, and representation team are all going to be here to help you out if you need them or have any queries!


Meet with course mates and friends

Make the most of the summer weather and get together with the people on your course and your other friends to do something fun or join us for our online weekly quiz if you can't arrange a social distance meet up. Enjoy yourself, have a laugh, and take some time for yourself and the people around you. You’ll be in a much better state of mind to approach your work.


Take breaks from your work

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of staying in your room and working, never coming up for air. But that’s not healthy, and in order to achieve the best you possibly can, you should take regular breaks from your studies, go on walks, check out online live-streams, send ARU SU a message on social channels and just have a chat – take care of yourself!


Use the time to see the sights

Maybe this is your last time in the country, or at least your university city. Maybe it would be beneficial to go do the typical tourist things if you haven’t had the chance yet. Get some good photos to take back home and show your family!


Set a study schedule you can adhere to

Now you probably don’t have any more classes, you might find it useful to set a schedule of when and for how long you will study each week. This is a good way not only to stay motivated, but to make sure you’re not going overboard with the studying and giving yourself a break.



From all of us at ARU Students’ Union, we wish you the best of luck with the rest of your course!


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