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How to stay cheerful over winter

Although winter comes with fun things like Christmas and snowmen, it can get a bit cold and gloomy. Here’s how you can stay cheerful over winter.

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Winter can be a bit of a gloomy time for many of us. The sun has disappeared, the weather has turned quite chilly, and for many of you students, winter means deadlines. Many, many deadlines.




But it doesn’t have to be all bad. Here’s how you can turn winter into a cheerful season!


Brisk winter walks on pleasant days




You know those days in November/December, where you look out of the window and it’s brilliant blue skies and sunshine, where you know if this kind of day actually happened in July in Britain, it would be like 30 degrees, but it’s actually barely above freezing? Those are the best days to go for walks in the winter. Walking keeps you active, making you feel happy.


Blankets, hot chocolate, and film days




Being cold has its benefits. It means you can put on a cosy pair of PJs, fluffy socks, and snuggle up in a warm blanket. Pair that with the ultimate hot chocolate, with marshmallows and cream, and there’s nothing better. When it’s too cold to go out and do the things you enjoyed in the summer, get your friends round, or hang out with your family, and have a cosy film day.


The spirit of giving




With winter here, it means Christmas isn’t far away. Once it starts getting colder, we associate this time with gift giving. But it doesn’t mean you just have to wait until Christmas to get into the spirit of generosity. The act of gift giving gives us that warm feeling, and makes us happier.


But you don’t have to put your hand in your wallet to give back. Why not sign up for a volunteering opportunity?




You can give back to your community and making a difference. You could also spend time with your family and friends, teach your grandparents how to use emails, or help younger siblings with their schoolwork. Every little really does make a difference, and it will make you feel happier in the process.



How are you staying cheerful this winter? Stay smiling!


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