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How to get Christmas presents on a budget

Getting Christmas presents as a student can be really hard. Here are some tips to get presents on a student budget.

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Christmas is a great time of year if you’re on the receiving end. But it can be very difficult as a student to budget in gifts for friends and family.


Do remember that your family and friends won’t expect you, as a student, to have a load of money to spend on Christmas presents. It all comes down to the fact that the value of the gift is in the thought you put into it. But how can you get anything on a student budget?


Budget stores




With places like Poundland and Primark in abundance, you can normally find something for a small price. Never underestimate the power of stocking fillers. You can get a load of sweets for the sweet tooth in your life, or make-up for sisters, or even books and arts and crafts materials. Stores like these have quite a variety of goods, and you can probably get something for everyone in your life.

And don't forget to check out in-store and online discounts you can use with your NUS Extra card.


Favour cards




There’s nothing stopping you making your own presents, either. This is a great one for anyone in your life. Write out some cards with favours you will give them if they present you with the card. So for example, you might give one to your parents saying you will cook dinner for them and wash up one night. When they give it to you, you have to do as the card says. Decorate them how you want, and it makes for a really thoughtful, and sometimes quite a funny, present.


Use your talents to your advantage




If you know you have a talent, why not use it as a Christmas present? If you’re a brilliant artist, make a painting for them of something they love. If you are great at arts and crafts, make them some jewellery. Or you might be talented when it comes to making clothes, woodwork, music, or electronics. You could even put on a Christmas themed show if you are a performer. Whatever it is, use it.




Your family and friends will appreciate any thought you put into their presents; they'll be grateful just to have you around at Christmas, especially when you've been away all semester! Don’t stress about the presents, they will love anything you give them.


Enjoy making and finding your gifts!




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