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How to defeat Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) living off campus as a Fresher

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Finding out or deciding that you aren’t going to live on campus as a first year Fresher can leave you feeling worried you’re going to miss out. What about all those Freshers events and all the halls banter you’ve heard about? Don’t panic, not living on campus doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out on having a great student experience. So, here are our top tips on how to defeat the FOMO!




Embrace being an off campus Fresher!

Don’t waste time worrying about missing out, just throw yourself into your uni experience with all the energy and excitement you can. Freshers is really about grabbing every opportunity you can, so do just that, whether you be a commuter or simply living elsewhere in the city.




Join in with everything you can

Wherever you’re based, attending Freshers’ Fair is a must! Not only is it a great opportunity to meet loads of new people, but signing up to societies is the perfect opportunity to make friends and get involved in the fabric of university life. And that’s not just Freshers Fair, make sure you go along to as many events as you can, be they daytime or evening, and make the most of those bonding opportunities!




Go on nights out

If going out is your kind of thing, gang up with your housemates and hit-up all the Freshers nights you fancy, there’s nothing like a sense of camaraderie to help you feel settled, plus nights out are also the perfect opportunity to meet new people.  Although this might be more difficult if you’re a commuter, it’s probably worth arranging a one-off overnight stay during Freshers week if you’re a night-life enthusiast. Not living with other students? Come along to one of our Meet-Up sessions for the chance to meet other students and you'll find you have a gang to go out with in no time!



Join a society

This is both a great short and long-term option for getting involved and feeling part of the uni and ARU Students’ Union. Joining a society gives you instant access to a group of people with similar interests and passions and there really is something for everyone. Have fun and make new friends at the same time? It’s a no-brainer.




Keep up with volunteering opportunities, activities and Union news

Staying informed and keeping an eye on the opportunities that are on offer throughout the year will help you feel part of a community. There’s always plenty going on so remember to treat yourself to some time out from studying to grab these opportunities and meet new people.




So don’t give into FOMO, all the opportunities are here for you, whether or not you live on campus. Be enthusiastic, be excited, join in, and you’ll make student life unforgettable!


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