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How to deal with feeling nervous about moving out

It’s okay to feel some anxiety about moving out of your home into student accommodation. But here’s some tips on making it an easier process.

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Moving out of your home and into student accommodation can be quite daunting – and that’s totally okay. Here are some tips to help you settle in, and realise it’s not as scary as you think!


Remember everyone is in the same boat as you




Everyone moving into student accommodation is feeling the exact same way as you, even if they don’t show it. Everyone is feeling nervous about being in a new place with new people who they don’t know. And that is okay! It’s normal to feel apprehensive about the unknown. But think of it as an adventure you’re going on, and remember how fun it’s going to be.


Make your room homely




If your student room feels like home, it will make settling in that much easier. Bring some things from home that you love, get some nice bedding, a snuggly blanket – whatever it is that will make your student accommodation feel like home, even if it is only temporary.


Talk to other future and current ARU students 




If you get to know the people you’re living with, you’ll soon make friends with them, and that will make living in your student accommodation much more enjoyable. Hang out in the kitchen, or leave your door open, and make sure you say hi!


Many of you have already started house chat groups via the Joining ARU 20/21 page! This is great get to know each other ahead of time, ask how you take your tea and coffee, what everyones favorite cake is, what societies or events everyone wants to join these are great things to bond over when you arrive!


Even if you don't know your housemates yet, we have six student elected reps at ARU Students' Union, and more campaign reps. These students are here for you! they want you to have the best time at ARU you possibly can and are very keep to offer support and have a chat before your arrive! If you have Instagram why not give them a follow! @ARU_President @VP_HEMS @VP_AHSS @VP_FSE @VP_businessandlaw and if you are a london student @ARUlondon_SU.


Even with social distance measures you can still meet other students. Over the summer we are still running a few online events wher eyou can meet other students and start making friends before you arrive, check out 'Kindness Hour' every tuesday online at 12 -1pm, our parents and carers coffee morning if you are a parent and studying at the same time why not meet other students in the same boat or our Weekly Quiz every monday online at 6pm. If you have a group chat why not all come to the Weekly quiz next week and play as a team!



We hope you’re looking forward to starting uni!


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