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How does it feel to win a Made A Difference Award?

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Vanessa Knowles is the Director of Corporate Programmes at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School. In 2017 she won the Learning Community Award. She tells us how it feels to be nominated, and win, a Made A Difference Award.


I have to say being shortlisted for the Learning Community Award was a real honour and to be awarded the prize for this category was absolutely amazing.


Following the awards, knowing that students took the time to nominate me for these awards really has reinforced the extent to which we can make a positive impact on the whole student experience at ARU. It's great to know that students do notice and value when we go the extra mile to make their whole educational journey one that they remember for all the right reasons. When things get so manic and busy remembering the difference that is recognised really does help keep me motivated.



Feeling inspired? Nominate someone who's Made A Difference to you here.





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