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Getting to know you: S&E Faculty Rep (Cambridge)  - Moh

Meet your Cambridge Science & Engineering Faculty Rep!

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Meet your Cambridge Science & Engineering Rep Moh! (He/Him)

What do you study?

BSc Biomedical Science

Would you like us to direct students to a specific social media platform to reach you on? Or should they contact you by email only?

What are your campaigns/ what would you like to achieve for students this year?

I am intending to spend my time in office increasing the opportunities available for all students in the Faculty to network with each other and employers. Additionally, I want to increase the visibility of, awareness of and support for students from all backgrounds. Science and Engineering should be inclusive and diverse. I aim to show that this is increasingly the case and inspire students with real-world examples of this that they can look up to and catalyse progress at ARU. My work with the ARU Athena Swan Committee and as incoming President of the Biomedical Society demonstrates this commitment to progress.

Why are you passionate about this project idea?

I’m passionate about increasing opportunities as luck is multifactorial. Everyone deserves a lucky break but rarely do people know they can increase their “luck”. My position as Faculty Representative puts me in a place to represent students and influence change that will provide opportunities for students to increase their surface area for success. Every student I can positively impact is a victory. Success through Progress.



Other projects... 

As President of the Biomedical Society I will be leading a lot of Minority in STEMM events, seminars in Biomedical/Healthcare-related topics and debates for students to develop their critical thinking and communication skills as well as socials for students to give themselves an excuse to relax and look after their mental health.


What made you stand to be a Rep?

I stood to be Course Representative at the start of First year. After a successful, environmentally friendly campaign, I was elected and continued to represent the 190~ students on my course. During this time, I pioneered improvements in communication from Student to Representative and Peer to Peer. After winning several improvements for my peers ranging from improving accessibility to removing barriers to inclusivity, I received a nomination to run for Faculty Rep. These events combined with my passion to improve the student experience and continue championing the voices of the voiceless encouraged me to run for Faculty Rep.

What’s your favourite social media platform/ where can students find you to chat?

Twitter is the best place to catch me, I use it to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world. Don’t be afraid to get in touch.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

 In five years’ time, I’ll be in Medical School, still trying to help others, still serving in the army and still trying to become the best version of myself: physically and mentally.


Share your three favourite tunes:

Kana-Boon – Silhouette

Rammstein – Du hast

Willow – Wait a Minute!


Tell us something not many people know about you.

I grew up without my parents; moving to a new house and school every few years with my maternal grandparents. I left sixth form when I was 17, worked full-time when I was 18, and joined the British Army Reserves at 19. I’ve failed more times than I can count and come close to giving up repeatedly, but these have all forged me into who I am and who I am becoming. I am by no stretch of the imagination perfect, I just try to improve constantly.

What's your ultimate ARU moment?

My ultimate ARU moment has to have been getting nominated and shortlisted for the Educational Impact Award within a year of arriving here. My grandmother would always tell me as I grew up, “life can take everything from you, everything but your knowledge”. With that forming the foundations for many of my endeavours, to be recognised as an individual improving the systems that facilitate our education is a tremendous honour.


If you had a super power what would it be? 

Super strength!


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