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Five Facts About Registering to Vote

You might be telling yourself some of these reasons for not registering to vote - make sure you're fully informed.

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1. You don't need your National Insurance Number.

Your local council can verify who you are if you don't have access to your national insurance number when you register to vote.

2. If you're an International Student, you might be able to vote too! 

Check out this list:

Long story short, if you're a British Citizen, an EU Citizen living in the UK or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen living in the UK, you can vote. The link has a list of Commonwealth countries if you aren't sure if this applies to you. 

3. Political parties use voter registration records to create policies.

So when the likes of Therea May and Jeremy Corbyn look at how to pitch their new governments to the people, they target people who have registred to vote. If young people don't register to vote, as we've seen before now, policies will target adults and the elderly without thinking of what we want - because we won't be able to vote. But if we go out in droves and all have our say on June 8th, there's no way you will be ignored. 

4. It improves your credit rating. 

Registering to vote is a really simple way to show you exist and you're engaged as a member of society - in return, it goes towards a good credit rating. What's not to like about that?

5. It really is pretty easy. 

It takes about two minutes, and let's be honest - the only person missing out on whether you register or not is you. Thousands of people don't want you to register to vote. They don't want you to have your say so that they can say what they think louder; they don't want to do things you want to prioritise, so they make you feel like voting won't make a difference. 

So....go and vote. Join the debate.


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