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Why is Student Council like Ancient Greek Democracy?

If you didn’t know this fact, then keep reading!

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Ancient Greek ruins

The Ancient Greeks weren't just about togas, the Olympic Games, or Trojan horses


Democracy, or demokratia, translates literally to "people power" (demos = people; kratos = power); democracy originated in Athens in around 500 BC, and meant that people could vote on laws themselves, rather than electing representatives to vote for them.


This model of direct democracy is unworkable in a population the size of the UK. But for the ARU Students' Union, with members of around 20,000, it's a model that is not only workable, but already in place. Our next Student Council is happening on December 5th.


The Student Council provides you with the unique opportunity to put forward the issues and policies that matter to you and vote on them yourselves. You get to decide as individuals whether or not you support them, telling your elected Executive Officer Team exactly what changes you want to see, so that they can take those ideas forward.


In fact, ARU Students' Union Council  is even better than the system used in Ancient Greece, where only wealthy men were allowed to participate.


Everyone can take part in ARU Students' Union Council! Everyone can have their voices heard. Everyone can see the changes they want acted upon and lobbied for.


  • You, the students, voted for your outstanding Course Reps, who give you the opportunity to directly feedback your views to your tutors and course leaders to improve your experience.


  • You also voted for your Faculty and Campaign Reps, who are champions of representing your views on a wide variety of topics and campaigning for the changes they know you want to see.


  • You have the opportunity to hold your Executive Officer Team to account through the Scrutiny Panel that meets three times a year. This is an opportunity where you can talk directly to the Officers, and ask them questions. You can hear what they have been campaigning for on your behalf. You can also make recommendations for improvement if you have some ideas.


Without you, there is no democracy, no change, and no representation. So take full advantage of the direct democracy you have access to, that would make the Ancient Greeks jealous!


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