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Dear International Students… What help there is available

Going to a new place can be really scary… But we’re here to help you feel at home. Read on to find out about all the support available at ARU.

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You’re probably feeling quite anxious about starting university in a different country. And that’s okay! It’s totally normal, and there will be plenty of other International students feeling exactly the same way you are. To ease your worries, here is where you can get all the help you could need during the time you will be studying with us.


Counselling and Wellbeing Service

The Counselling and Wellbeing Service is there for when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, or you’re suffering with a mental health condition. They offer one to one confidential counselling services for any problems including anxiety, homesickness, and addiction. They also have drop in services 11am- 12pm in Cambridge and Chelmsford, with additional drop in hours of 12pm – 2pm during teaching weeks in Cambridge. Using their service is completely free, and they can help you with anything that’s troubling you.


Student Money Advice Service

The Student Money Advice Service offers free advice and help with money matters. If you’re struggling to make ends meet or are troubled by debt, then get in contact with them. They’re there to help you. They can make sure you are receiving all the money you are entitled to, and can help you learn how to budget.


Study Skills Plus

Study Skills Plus is a service you can use to help you develop your skills like IT or maths. You can also book an English Language Consultation online if you wanted to work on your use of English as an International student. You can book one-to-one appointments for guidance, or you can attend one of their workshops. They run workshops to build different skills, such as assignment surgeries, exam and revision strategies, and datasets. This is a free service to use.


Anglia Ruskin University Library

The ARU Library is a great place to study, and has lots of different books and research materials you can use in your assignments. You can also book a Librarian who can help you with your research if you’re finding it difficult. You can also book a study room, a study pod, or a desk online.


Employability Service

The Employability Service is a free service which can help you get employed. If you’re wanting to get a job while you’re in the UK, they’re definitely worth a visit. They run a series of workshops and events throughout the year, such as building your CV from scratch and interview techniques. They run a CV Surgery in Cambridge and Chelmsford, where you can drop in with your CV for some help, and they also do general drop ins every day 12-2pm where you can get guidance on everything from job searches to career advice.


Employment Bureau

The Employment Bureau is a great service if you’re looking to get a job while you study. They advertise jobs on campus and in the area, which you can get to fit around your timetable. You can get one off employment opportunities like working during Open Days for example.


Student Advice Service

The Student Advice Service offer free advice based on your academic life while you study at ARU. They can help you with rules, regulations, changing modules, submission deadlines, intermission, withdrawal, results and things like mitigation. It's a good idea to talk to them if you have any worries about the academic side of university.


ARU Students’ Union

We at the ARU Students’ Union provide many free services, including our own free Advice Service. You can get guidance on anything, whether it’s something related to university, or how to deal with a family problem. Our advisors are here to listen to you no matter what the problem is, and it’s easy to request an appointment.


You can also sign up to volunteer. You can make an appointment to see a Volunteer Centre Coordinator to talk about possible volunteering opportunities and how you can get stuck in. Volunteering is a great way to add skills to your CV, and to make a difference to your community.


There’s also loads of societies you can join, or you can make your own society if there aren’t any societies that take your interest. This is a great way to add to your university experience, and to make new friends. It can also look great on your CV.


If you’re wondering what you can do while you’re at university in the UK, check out our events calendar to find out what’s going on. There’s always something, whether it’s a trip to another city, a movie night, or a creative activity, you can always get stuck into something fun!



We hope you settle in well – don’t hesitate to contact us!



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