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Be the change you want to see

You have some great ideas about what needs to change, don’t you? Read on for more information about what you can do!

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Everyone loves to complain. Whether it’s because you have a 9am lecture on a Monday, how expensive cheese is, or about the weather. It doesn’t matter what it is, we all grumble and groan on the regular. But, although it may not sound glamorous, attending Student Council really can help create positive change.


But what do any of us actually do about it?

We all love a good moan, but that’s normally as far as any of us get with our issues. Sure, you can’t do a whole lot about the weather, no one can control it. But if you have a problem, and a clear way of solving the issue, you might just want to submit a policy for student council.


We have a huge Student Council meeting three times a year, which is your chance to set ARU Students’ Union priorities. It is an event which is just us, and you guys, with nobody there from the University.


Talk to us about what needs to change, get better, or what you want to see more of. We can help you put your ideas into a policy that will get voted on at the Student Council meetings. If students vote to pass the policy, then we WILL work by it. It is our job to support your policies, and make them happen.


This is a fantastic opportunity!

It is extremely unlikely that you will get opportunities like the Student Council once you have left ARU. If you spot a problem, if you have a great idea to make the university experience better for you and your fellow students, then don’t just sit back and be passive. Waiting for other people to spot the same problems might never happen – you may be the change that we all need to see. Imagine putting an idea forward that no one had thought of until now, and now everyone is behind you. Don’t waste your time complaining – make an active change.

Your time at ARU is valuable, and you can do anything you set your mind to.


So what are you waiting for?

Put your ideas down and come and speak to us. You can have a look at some of the policies that have been submitted in the past here.


You can submit your ideas here. You have until the 16th November to put your ideas and policies forwards.



Be the change you want to see at ARU!



Come to your Student Council on Tuesday 5th December.

Cambridge: LAB 026

Chelmsford: MAB 221

Peterborough: GUI 204








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