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BBC 3's Free Speech Programme Wants ARU Students

BBC 3 is bringing its Free Speech programme to Cambridge!

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On November 6th BBC 3's current affairs show 'Free Speech' is coming to Cambridge. This show is produced by the same team as Question Time and is aimed at 18-30 year olds and has requested the attendance of some of our students.

This show aims to give the younger 18-30 year old generation a platform to express their opinions on political and social issues live on BBC3. This is a fantastic opportunity for any student or group of students to have a say in what is discussed in this exciting new programme. 

The producers urge students and even societies to get in contact to take part.

If you are interested please contact them directly on

For all group bookings please confirm your society or group, a contact telephone and email and group size. 

Dont miss out on this amazing opportunity to express yours and many other young peoples opinions. 

If you have any questions contact the email adress above directly or contact Richard Kemp (Experience Officer Cambridgeshire)


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