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5 reasons to come to the Environment Act Panel

So, why should you come to the Environment Act Panel on the 16th May?

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The Environment Act Panel is taking place on the 16th May 6pm – 8pm at 92 in Chelmsford. This is where we’re going to discuss the changes to the Environment Bill, put forward by the government. So why should you come along?


1. You care about the environment!

Of course you care about the environment – you live there! Why wouldn’t you want to come to an event where we get to discuss the future of our planet?


2. Members from WWF and The Wildlife Trust, as well as local MP Vicky Ford will be there.

 With key figures from WWF and The Wildlife Trust, as well as your local MP Vicky Ford, this is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered, and talk to some people who know their stuff.


3. We’ll be in 92 – with the best food and drink!

92, our Chelmsford venue, serves the BEST food and drinks. Bring your mates and make a night of the Environment Act Panel with a burger or a plate of chips.


4. A chance to educate yourself – for free!

Maybe you don’t really know that much about environmental issues or the Environment Bill itself, and that’s okay! This is a perfect opportunity to learn about what’s going on and join in the discussion.


5. Have your say.

This is a great chance for you to come and share your opinion on the subject. What do you think the government needs to change to protect our planet over the next 25 years? Speak to the experts, and join in on the discussion.



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