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Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union Access Agreement Response


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union Access Agreement Response


Anglia Ruskin Student' Union is disappointed with the Government’s new incentive package which has effectively moved the goal posts for Universities, encouraging them to reallocate money from bursaries to fee waivers. This means that students from traditionally lower participation areas, who would otherwise benefit from a bursary, will lose out.


The decision made by our institution will mean that those previously eligible for a bursary in the next intake of students will receive a fee waiver instead. The Students' Union would rather see the money in the students' pockets in the form of a bursary and is frustrated that the Government’s rules have forced Anglia Ruskin to make this decision.


The Students' Union recognises that the University has faced a difficult decision and has chosen to remain a university of sustainable growth. With 15.4% of students studying at Anglia Ruskin from lower participation backgrounds (4.5% points higher than England's average) and 96.9% of our students (all entrants) being from state schools or colleges (7.9% higher than England's average), Anglia Ruskin University is actively widening participation in HE. The Union believes that keeping Anglia Ruskin University sustainable is helping to widen participation by providing those from non-traditional backgrounds the opportunity to enter higher education.


Gerald Carew

Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union President 2011/12



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