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Eleven reasons to stand as an Officer in The Election 2020

The nominations for the 2019 Election are now open – so why should you stand for a position at ARU Students’ Union?

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With the nominations now open for the 2019 Election, it’s time to start nominating yourself for a position. You might be wondering why you should stand for election. Here are eleven reasons why you should. If you are thinking of running in the elections, and have any questions email Rachel, our Democray and Representation Coordinator to schedule a 1-2-1 meeting!


1. You get to meet new people, develop your skills, and build your confidence.

Even by simply writing your manifesto, you’re going to be working on communication skills from day one. Whether it’s writing a manifesto of what you aim to achieve, talking to students to convince them to vote for you, or chairing a meeting, you will constantly be returning to those communication skills. You’ll become super confident with talking to people and putting yourself out there. It will completely change you as a person – for the better!


2. It will make you stand out to employers.

How many people will be able to include on their CVs that they’ve been part of their university’s executive committee? The experience you will gain chairing and attending meetings, campaigning, and writing reports, gaining skills like problem solving and negotiating, is like gold dust on a job application. You will stand out from the masses as someone who has skills and experience other people don’t.


3. Be a leader (and even a trustee) of a multi-million pound organisation.

Having the opportunity to lead an organisation doesn’t come around all the time! It’s a brilliant way to evidence your leadership qualities and communication skills, and show your knowledge of business and the way things work. Full time Officers are also the Trustees of the Charity!


4. Full-time roles are worth 20k, and part-time roles are worth their weight in gold!

If you’re voted in as President or a Vice President, you can get paid to make a full-time difference to your student community! And if you’re voted in as a Faculty or Campaign Rep, you will be able to log your volunteering hours online. You may not be earning money, but the skills and experience you will earn will be life-changing, and will give you valuable material to discuss in job interviews and to put on your CV.


5. You’ll be able to represent around 20,000 students!

Standing for the Election means you are in with a chance of being the voice of the students, whether it’s across the whole university as President, or representing an important minority group. This is a huge responsibility, and isn’t something many people can say they have done.


6. You’ll be able to work with ARU on the big issues that affect students.

If you’re passionate about the things that matter, then becoming part of the Executive Committee is for you. You’ll be able to work alongside ARU to make big changes happen, and be able to make an active difference about the things that matter to you and the students you will be representing.


7. You’ll be able to travel the country, meet other officers, and be part of a national voice.

Being part of the Executive Committee also opens up other exciting opportunities. You’ll get the chance to travel and meet other students in your position to see what they’ve been working on in their campaigns. What you’ll be doing will be part of a much bigger picture.


8. The Elections are open to everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first, second, or third year (unless you’re standing for a part-time position, then you must be a first or second year), or what background you have, everyone is welcome to stand for election! Our Executive Committee is diverse, which is what makes it so great.


9. This is an amazing one-off opportunity!

You will never have this opportunity come up again, it is purely while you are studying. So make the most of it, and nominate yourself! You just have to get students behind you to vote for you, and you can do that by running a great campaign.


10. You get to be the change, stand for what you believe in, and lead ARU Students’ Union.

If you have some great ideas about how you would make ARU a better place, and you want to represent the views your fellow students have, then become a part of the Executive Committee. Take this opportunity to run ARU Students’ Union the way you want to, and to make the changes you want to see.


11. It’s super easy to apply!

With it being so easy, why wouldn’t you apply? Nominate yourself now! All you need to do is to write a manifesto, include your name, and upload a photo of yourself. Done! Now you just need to work out what your campaign will be.


Don't forget to book a 1-2-1 with Rachel!



We can’t wait to see the nominations for The Election 2019, and we’re even more excited for the campaign period! Good luck everyone!


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