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101 reasons to vote in the 2019 Elections

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Perhaps you’re wondering why you should vote in The Election 2019… Well, here are the reasons you’ve been looking for!


Reason to Vote #3: The candidates have worked really hard to get your vote!




Every single candidate has put so much time and effort into their campaigns in an attempt to get your vote. Now do your bit and show your appreciation by voting for the candidates you feel would make a great Executive Committee.


Reason to Vote #7: You can get involved too!




Just because you’re not standing in the Election, doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. If you feel passionate about someone’s campaign, or perhaps one of your friends or course mates are standing, then you can help to promote them once you've voted!


Reason to Vote #10: You get to decide what happens.




So many events and activities at ARU are run by ARU Students’ Union, and the students you elect will get to decide what events and activities take place. So make sure you’re voting for the people who are going to decide on activities you want to get involved with.


Reason to Vote #12: Be a part of your community!




Voting for the candidates is a way of showing your support. Encourage them, and help them shine!


Reason to Vote #18: You’ve been waiting for this all year!




This only happens once a year. It is an opportunity to completely rework ARU Students’ Union, changing the faces and leaders. You get to decide how it is run. This exciting time is one of the biggest highlights, so make sure you get involved!


Reason to Vote #25: You get to have your say.




The Executive Officers will represent your voice, speaking on behalf of the student body. So make sure you vote for those who you think will represent you best!


Reason to Vote #29: Every vote counts!




Elections can be lost or won by a single vote. Don’t leave it to chance, make sure you vote for the candidates you’d like to see in the Executive Committee.


Reason to Vote #32: People who vote are awesome!




Yes, that’s you! By voting, you help to make huge differences to yours and your fellow students’ experiences!


Reason to Vote #37: Make your minority heard – whatever that may be.




Whether you identify as a woman, LGBT+, Trans, or disabled, or if you are international or black and minority ethnic, there is a Rep who can represent you. Make sure you’re getting involved in the voting process for your minority group, as these Reps can make massive changes happen, and could completely change your student experience for the better!


Reason to Vote #39: Your education matters!




The Executive Committee members are involved in campaigns that directly affect your education at ARU. They can help to improve things such as making sure assignments are submitted online instead of handing in paper copies. It is important to vote if you want your education to continue to improve. So get voting for the candidates that speak to you!


Reason to Vote #43: Voting is fun!




You get to read what our amazing students standing for Election have to say in their manifestos, and hear what they are passionate about. You can vote with the knowledge that you can make a difference simply by pressing a few buttons!


Reason to Vote #47: Support the ideas you love!




If a candidate says something you really agree with, make sure you fully get on board with them by voting for them in the Elections! If it’s important to you, the only way to make it known is by voting.


Reason to Vote #51: If you don’t, we’ll keep emailing you!




If you hate email reminders, then a good way to avoid ours is to vote in the Elections!


Reason to Vote #56: Being able to vote wasn’t always a right




Don’t forget that not too long ago, none of us would have had a chance to vote for what we believe in. Don't take your right for granted and vote in the upcoming Election.


Reason to Vote #58: It’s quick, free and easy!




It literally takes minutes to vote for the candidates you want to see in the Executive Committee, and all you have to do is press a few buttons – how much simpler could it get?  You could vote in the time it takes you to walk from the library to a lecture!


Reason to Vote #63: Because we’re asking you nicely (please)




In an ideal world, every student would vote, because it gives a clearer picture of what you guys want. It’s a great event to get involved with, and we’d really love for all of you to vote!


Reason to Vote #67: Your opinion matters.




Remember that it is student views and opinions that determine how ARU Students’ Union will be run. Make your opinion count by voting in the Elections!


Reason to Vote #71: Do you actually have anything better to do in the next 5 minutes?




Really? Do you? Don’t try saying you’re going to finally start that piece of work. We know you’re just scrolling through this website or our social media pages, procrastinating. So why not vote in the Elections now? Then make sure you do your work!


Reason to Vote #74: It’s a good way to procrastinate




Leading on nicely from the last point, if you’re a serial procrastinator looking for a good way to waste some time, voting in the Elections is not only a great way to put off doing something, it’s also productive, which may just be the motivator you need!


Reason to Vote #79: Because you want to!




Voting is an exciting opportunity where you can make some huge changes happen. Why wouldn’t you want to get involved?


Reason to Vote #84: Your student experience matters!




The Executive Committee are a team of students dedicated to making your university experience better. For the chance to get your voice and opinions heard, make sure you vote in the Elections for the candidates you want to represent you.


Reason to Vote #87: ARU Student’s Union is democratic.




ARU Students’ Union is independent of ARU, and is run with you guys – the students – in mind. Everything we do is to make your experience better. The Election is no different. This is where you can get involved with your student experience, and vote for who leads us!


Reason to Vote #92: Vote for someone to represent your faculty.




With Faculty Reps standing for Election, this is a chance to decide who will represent your Faculty, as well as represent your Course Reps at a higher level. The Vice President roles also represent the faculties, so it is vital to make sure you vote for those who you think represent your faculty best!


Reason to Vote #97: The Elections wouldn’t work without your vote!




At the end of the day, the Election only works because students vote. If no one voted, we wouldn’t be able to elect a new Executive Committee. If you want to be represented, then get voting!


Reason to Vote #101: All the coolest kids are doing it!




You’ve heard about all the trends, whether it’s fidget spinners or strange looking eyebrows. But why not get on the newest trend at ARU? It’s voting in the Election!


So now that you have all these reasons, get voting now!


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