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10 Reasons to vote in the Rep Elections

Don’t see the point in voting, or not sure why you should? This article is for you.

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Voting week is here! And that means lots of voting will be happening. Voting is a super important and integral part of the student experience. Being a student is all about voting and having your say – as is life in general! Here are ten reasons you should be voting this week.


1. It’s really easy!




Voting really is as simple as logging in, and pressing a button. Done! Why wouldn’t you do it?


2. Everyone else is doing it.




Everyone on your course will be voting for their Course Rep, as well as the other Reps who are standing – don’t be the only person who isn’t voting!


3. Voting is a part of everyday life.




Voting is a normal part of everyday life. Whether you’re voting for the next Prime Minister, your local council members, or your Course Rep, it’s all the same. Voting is just one of those things you have to do – and it’s a great way to get involved.


4. It’s a chance to have your say!




Voting is a chance for you to decide what you want – it all starts with electing the student you want to see representing you.


5. It’s a great excuse to have a drink with your mates!




Celebrate voting by getting together with your friends and have a drink! Get your course mates together, and find a common goal.


6. You get to decide who represents you for the next year.




You get to decide who will be representing you for the next year. A lot can happen in a year, and you want to make sure that the people elected in are going to represent you.


7. If you stood in the Election, you can vote for yourself!




Don’t forget that if you stood for a Rep position, you can vote for yourself! It could be the difference between winning and losing, so make sure you do.


8. You get to be part of the student community.




Voting is a chance to get involved, and engage with the student community. A massive part of student life is fighting for student rights and fairness at university, and this is a great way to get the ball rolling. Even if the only thing you do is vote, that’s a massive step!


9. You could make some new friends!




Voting week causes a buzz in the lecture halls, or the place you’re working if you’re on placement! You’ll find yourself talking to people about who you should vote for, and getting to know the people standing.


10. Your Course Rep will be elected with or without you… so you might as well!




Whether everyone votes or nobody votes, a Course Rep has to be elected. So you might as well have a say in it. How annoying would it be if you never voted, and then a Course Rep was elected who you disagreed with? Get your voice heard, and vote in someone you want to see elected.



Now you know all the reasons to vote, go vote now!



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