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Theme Idea: Partnership

"We think our new strategic plan should focus on ‘partnership’ because we believe that the partnerships developed with students and other stakeholders will help you to change the things you want changed at Anglia Ruskin, find better value services and broaden your experiences"

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We're an independent organisation, registered both as a charity and company limited by guarantee, with our own annual budget to provide services and support for students at ARU. To do this effectively we form partnerships with a number of other organisations and individuals. Some good examples are:

  • You! We rely on you to help us develop, to lead our strategic direction, to lead clubs and societies and participate in our democratic processes.
  • Anglia Ruskin University. The University provides the majority of our funding. In order to receive this funding we work closely with university departments to achieve shared objectives.
  • National Union of Students. NUS provides us with democratic support and training for elected representatives. Also NUS Services allows us to bulk buy products for our shop and bars. We're affiliated to NUS which also allows us to call on their support if needed.
  • Commercial businesses in Cambridge and Chelmsford. Our available resources mean we have to think differently about how we deliver commercial services, working with venues in town to provide an exciting a varied nighttime events program.

What does partnership mean to you? And are there any other organisations or individuals that you think we should be forming partnerships with and why?

Leave you comments below or feedback through our survey.


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