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Getting Ready for Summer at the Gym

Find out about all the SU Gyms great deals and offers to help you with your training

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Want that Summer body?


The SU Gym are still offering Personal Programmes, Personal Training Session and Fitness Tests all at great value.


We have qualified Instructors ready to cater for any need whether it’s losing weight, bulking up or getting a bit more definition on the body.


Our personal programmes are custom to your goals and needs and will give you direction on your training for the next few months to achieve what you need! We provide a consultation and show you the session in full so you know what you are dealing with as well as a custom programme.

This is at great value of just £10


Our personal training sessions are more ideal for someone who needs a bit of motivation in the gym, the trainer will not only design the session but guide you through it to make the most of your time in the gym. This is also at the great price of £10 per hour.


And finally our fitness test is ideal for those wanting to find out what kind of shape you really are in! We will test your height, weight, body fat, lung capacity and more to give you quality feedback on areas in which you could improve. This is at the great price of just £5 for such great information is a steal!


This services are available for staff, students and community so make sure you make the most of it.


All you need to do it head into the gym and book a slot at reception.


Keeping you fit on Campus and getting you ready for the summer months!


The SU Gym Team


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