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Society Spotlight - Law Society Cambridge

Find out more about our new society spotlight scheme and the Law Society Spotlight

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This year we are running a little showcase of our brilliant societies – ‘Society Spotlight’ is your opportunity to tell us all about your society and what you’ve been up to! You can submit videos, photos, or just text to tell others why they should join and what they can look forward to! Below is Ben’s account on why the Law society has recruited so well in the last month!

What have Law society been up to?

During Freshers Week, The Law Society had a brilliant response at Freshers Fair. Subsequently, many members joined then. However, we have been very involved with helping struggling students, who haven't integrated as well as some others. We have held workshop sessions to help those individuals to help feel part of the university community. The committee understands that everyone has struggled at some point and we don't want people to suffer in silence. We had a social event in the Wetherspoons pub to help students make connections and friends too. We are currently planning the next social event. The committee hopes it will be around bonfire night.

Why should people get involved with Law society? 

People should get involved if they love anything about having a debate or the law. Also, we have a friendly ethos and with the Law Society being so big, you'll forever be saying "hello" to fellow members in the corridor.

What do we have coming up? 

The next social is being planned currently but we have many more exciting opportunities being planned such as guest speaker events.

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