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Society Spotlight: The BioMedical Society Cambridge Conference

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The BioMedical Society is made up of 8 committee members, who have different experiences within the field of healthcare, and research so that we can provide the peer to peer support that our students deserve and seek, through events and workshops. If you would like to join or find out more about the society’s events please click here.



“Our society has risen from the ashes! Since we picked it up we have now planned various events throughout the semester for our members and other students to benefit from. We have held workshops to help students with their academic studies, as well as more relaxed events such as our movie night, which gave the opportunity for members to relax and let go for an evening. 

Our biggest event is scheduled to take place on 15th of December - our 1st student-lead biomedical science conference. More than 70 participants are expected to attend this event, which provides us with the opportunity to show the university what we’re about and to identify ourselves as active members in the ever-growing field of science.”

This society would like to give a shout out to Joana Rodrigues. Joana has been proactively involved in all the events and planning that has gone on behind the scenes. She is the biggest help anyone could ask for.


What does being part of this society mean to you?

“I have always been involved in helping my community in any way I could. I thought that the society needed to be reborn and that we needed to show everyone what we are capable of doing. So for me taking the society this far, is already valuable and I feel proud to have achieved this with minimal experience running a society.

I hope my team and I can continue making a successful society, by organising more events through the second semester.”


What is your society’s biggest achievement?

We achieved a bronze award in the first three months of picking up the society. The highlight of our year however, will be the conference that we are running this Saturday, 15th of December. 


What is your society planning next?

The society's highlight will be our first student-lead conference that is coming up next week. We are bringing together experts in various fields of medicine and disciplines who will be talking about their journey in their fields and their research interests and background. 

Our events planned for next semester include a formal dinner in February and an Anatomy Lab Live: the Surgery in March.


Remember if you would like to Join the Biomedical Society or find out if your course has a society? Or start your own society. You can follow the attached links or email or to find out how to run a society.


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