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Societies FYI: Terms and Conditions for Freshers Fair.

Have you booked your stall? Just looking for a refresher on the terms and conditions? Or haven't booked yet and just need some extra info. Well your in luck as they are here in their full glory!

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Have you booked your stall want want a refresher on the terms and conditions? Or haven't booked yet and just need some extra info. Well your in luck as they are here in their full glory! 



The Students' Union reserves the right to ask a society to leave the premises if they are found in breach of the terms and conditions and may be prevented from attending future events organised by Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union.

Terms and Conditions for Freshers Fair

1. The Students’ Union offers tables on first come first served basis. Bookings will not be guaranteed until this agreement is signed.

2. Only tables that are allocated by the Students’ Union may be used and a maximum of 3 committee members can run the stall at any time.

3. Any society who books and does not attend without letting the Student Activities Department know 48 hours in advance that they cannot attend will not be eligible to apply for the first semester’s grant round and will be charged £120 + VAT from their membership account.  

4. All areas of the fair shall remain alcohol-free and non-smoking at all times.

5. No music may be played, or amplified sound permitted at the fair without prior permission. If your society needs to play music, email us so we can factor this into the music schedule.

6. Electricity is not guaranteed and is allocated on a first come first served basis and society needs may be taken into account.

7. Any clubs or societies own electrical equipment that is brought into the fair must be fully P.A.T. tested and marked in accordance with the electrical testing regulations. Any equipment that requires an exceptionally high power supply will not be allowed. The Students’ Union reserves the right to check any electrical equipment and to refuse its use if deemed unsuitable or unsafe.

8. Clubs and societies may only use their table to exhibit their own products or services and not those of any third party without prior consent from the Students’ Union. The Students’ Union reserves the right to remove any exhibitor's material from display if it is seen as unsuitable. There is strictly no advertising of any nightclub or licensed venue without prior approval from the Students’ Union.

9. Distribution of marketing or promotional material is restricted to your stall and the immediate area around the stall.

10. Please ensure your belongings are secure at all times. The Students' Union will not be held responsible for stolen/damaged/lost property.

11. In order to comply with Data Protection legislation, you must not collect any personal details from students at the fair, e.g. via online or paper sign-up sheets as this does not comply with Data Protection legislation. Instead, promote purchasing a semester one or full membership to your society from the SU website or app for them to stay connected. Check out for essential training in GDPR


You Made it!

Well done - we can't wait to see all of your creative, colourful and interactive stalls at Freshers Fair (all following our terms and conditions of course!)


Click here to Freshers to download Fresher's Fair Freshers Fair Hints & Tips for your records.


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